Course consist of four various length video segments for training and learning. Web site allows for feedback from Freeman as course participants progress through the course. Video "de-briefings" are also available at a reasonable fee to enhance the learning experience. Training certificates can be issued upon request by completing a questionnaire.

L to R: Course/Seminar presenters Dave Allison and TC FREEMAN

     "One of the most important reasons for this course is to not let the victims of this accident die in vain," states Freeman, "We can do this by learning from this to prevent it from ever happening again." The course details causal factors with respect to professionalism and human factors through the issues with maintenance errors and cockpit procedure.

TC FREEMAN presents live a segment covering the maintenance portion of the Flight 5481 accident.​

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     This course was developed from the live presentation by TC FREEMAN and Dave Allison that had its beginning from an aviation safety event. Aviation Safety Specialist TC FREEMAN met Dave Allison after the program mentioning that he would like to get involved with future aviation safety events. Allison volunteered that he was working as a mechanic on the US Air Hangar in Charlotte (KCLT) when the Beech 1900 impacted the hangar. Dave said, "Watching 21 people die in-front of me changed my perspective on aviation and safety forever." Most people would simply try to put a horrific event like this behind them but Allison decided to get involved with the investigation and later with the States safety program.

"Flight 5481 UNRAVELED" Course for professional pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs). Also available as a live webinar, video conference de-brief or live presentation (contact us).

     This is a great opportunity to get training on aviation safety topics from the convenience of your home, office or on the go. "Flight 5481 UNRAVELED" details the events from the Air Midwest (US Air Express) flight that crashed into the US Air Maintenance Hangar on January 8, 2003. The pilots, maintenance team, company management and regulatory agencies play a critical role in "accident chain."

     Individuals that complete this course (consisting of over one hour of video) can earn a certificate of training that can be added to the training folder of the aviation professional. Get training for the entire flight department with our group rates or request a video conference debriefing or a live presentation.