About Us

TC FREEMAN, Aviation Safety Specialist and Chief of Content Development and Marketing (ATP-ME, CFI/I, A&P)

     TC Freeman was raised in an aviation family handling the controls of an aircraft before he could qualify for a driver's license. After High School he attained an AS in Career Pilot, Aviation Management, Aircraft Systems Technology (Airframe & Powerplant). TC reached the ranks of flight instructor (CFI/I) and helped students earn pilot certifications. He went on to earn a Multi-Engine Rating in-order to further his career and take advantage of corporate flying opportunities in piston and turbine twin engine aircraft.

     TC has been an Aviation Safety Specialist for state government for the past 19 years. This role allowed him to keep one foot in the cockpit (Cessna 441 and 303) while expanding his horizons by researching and presenting aviation safety and education programs to pilots, maintenance professionals, youth and the general public.

     By not resting on past accomplishments, TC enrolled and completed a BAS at Campbell University (Research Triangle Park - RTP Campus) in 2013. He also has served on the initial phases of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Safety Committee for the state of North Carolina and is presently integrating UAS education and safety into his program.

     Aviation education and safety training though online and in-person lectures/courses is where TC's passion lies. He has a brand new course and live lecture titled, "Flight 5481 UNRAVELED," that goes deep into the factors that led to the tragic fatal crash of a Beech 1900 commuter airline aircraft at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (KCLT) in 2003.

     Contact TC FREEMAN via email or 919-619-6828.