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Fight 5481 UNRAVELLED Course Questions:

1 - What was your recollection/perception of this accident prior to starting this course?

2 - Do you think the documentary about this accident (found on video sharing websites) is accurate?

3 - Do you feel that the post accident interviews of peer company pilots were accurate? Would a fellow pilot likely volunteer negative comments about Capt. Leslie and FO Gibbs considering the deaths of the Flight 5481 pilots? 

4 - In your opinion, why did the NTSB list "financial status" of the pilots in the accident report?

5 - Do you think the inspector physically verified the rigging of the elevator controls after the job was reported as completed by the mechanic responsible for the work?

6 - In light of the Beech 1900 completing several legs prior to the accident, what was different about this particular flight?

7 - Dave mentions in the video his issue with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, what is the issue and do you concur with his opinion?

8 - Do you see evidence from the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) that indicates the weight and balance was being intentionally manipulated? If yes,  please list reason(s) or example.

9 - Did the flight crew demonstrate proper Crew Resource Management (CRM) and a professional cockpit? In general terms (SOP noted), when should the crew have begun sterile cockpit procedures?

10 - Do you think the increases in standard passenger and baggage weight as a result of this accident is appropriate? Why or why not?

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